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Our Mission

2020 was definitely a historical year that left an impact on us all. Much needed conversations about police brutality in Canada and the lack of community resources were brought to the table. Since the year 2000, there have been over 416 fatal encounters with the RCMP. A CBC analysis reveals that more than 70 per cent of victims suffer from mental health and substance abuse problems. **This made us think.** What other resources and forms of support can people suffering from these causes make use of? How can they access them in a way that is safe and that would encourage them to contact again? That's how we came up with HelpingHand. Our mission is to provide a gateway to multiple government-standard helplines and community resources. People in mental health crisis, victims of sexual assault, and family violence are less likely to be comfortable calling the police and may not seek help. Helping Hand seeks to bridge the gap by guiding people in crisis to community services. What HelpingHand Offers


HelpingHand assists in situations of:

Mental Health Crisis

Sexual Assualt Support

Family-Related Issues

Drug & Substance Abuse

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